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This 1960s family home was looking for a 2019 refresh.


The homeowner is a Florida Boy who has traveled the world and spent a good deal of his time at Sea or on the Hawaiian Islands. While Oahu still has his heart, he is happy to be back in his home state. To honor Oahu and Florida, we are helping him marry the two in his Old Florida home. This design has elegant, simple, white cabinetry with natural tones for the floor and tilework. The walls will pull in notes of the sea with a nice Seafoam that brings a refreshing pop of color to this very earthy palette. We opened the wall from the private kitchen to the rest of the house. It gives it a much more cohesive and breezy feeling of the Islands and casual nature of the Florida Keys. The interesting lighting and accent pieces give it personality and give the “New” a more lived-in feeling.

Kitchen Render_Potochney.jpg
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