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So, your man is a collector...

You've seen his face. You've been with him or witnessed his excitement over the thrill of the hunt. It's not like Auntie's collection of coffee mugs or your friend's love of anything Flamingo. No, you don't dare try to contribute to his collection because it is on a whole other level of appreciation and perfection that you will never understand. He is the Archivist of all things...(fill in the blank) you get the picture.

We would hope he will want to display some of his collection and we have tips for you to help guide him down the right path.

The hardest thing to do with a full collection is to make it look tidy. It doesn't matter what your man collects as long as he has it displayed in a consistent grouping, size, or pattern, it will make it look clean and well cared for.

It is also important to have the collection well lit. Try to find LEDs or a soft light that will not fade or damage his collection. He might want to keep his most prized possessions in a dark, air-conditioned, dehumidified space.

Think of it like a Museum. They have some of their key pieces in the gallery and the full collection is kept in the back room for only the curators to enjoy. It's very important to edit it down to the same effect, unless you have several rooms to devote to the collection.

If he is collecting small or similar types of items, he can color code them.

Display the pieces that are most meaningful to him and build the visual out from there. It should be a living example of form and function if it is an interactive collection.

Remember: Form, Function, Acid Free, Archival Inks, Archival Papers, UV Protection, LED Lights, Edit, Rhythm, Repetition, Consistent Framing, Color Code, Groupings, and ENJOY!

We don't care what he's into. Just do it well.



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