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Small Spaces - Part Two: Storage

We are fans of small spaces and love the challenges they bring. A big issue can usually be trying to figure out how to maximize your space while gaining storage.

Let's look at the original storage unit: the shelf. This is where all your prized possessions rest, on full display to all who enter your domain, and for a quick grab of your favorite book before running to your favorite reading nook.

The shelf is a rather misunderstood fellow. You can put more than books here. You could store pillows, blankets, canisters, art, and whatever you might want to have on display or stored neatly. Just remember to keep Like-With-Like. Keep everything in groupings like you see below. Don't have bookends? No problem! Alternate stacking and standing your books. We use this trick ALL THE TIME. It's super easy and saves you money AND SPACE. Think of the space a bookend would take away from you being able to get more books! Not cool!

In spall spaces, think of multi-functional pieces. Look below to this cute kids playroom. The seating doubles as storage and a nice built in bookcase is a beautiful storage and display feature between the windows.

When looking for multi-functional pieces, look for open AND closed storage features. You might not want to display everything. Remember: you want it to look as simple and clean as possible.

Last tip on storage: go vertical! You have all that height! USE IT! It could become a beautiful work of art like this fun collection of hats.

The main things to remember are to have multi-functional pieces, layers of storage (cases, shelves, cabinets, etc), open and closed storage, groupings of similar items, and verticality.

Want a fun, clever, or exciting new solution for your small space woes? Give us a call for a consultation. We would love to hear from you.


Kristin & Tanya

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