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Small Spaces - Part Three: Optimize

We hope you have read our previous blogs on our Small Spaces Series. If you have, then you have a few of the basics under you belt. So, now lets go a little further. Let's optimize your space!

When dealing with small spaces, it is important for it to not look too busy. It will overwhelm the eye quickly and make it feel a tad overpowering. It can trigger anxiety and other feelings of the space just never looking clean. To step up your game, in certain situations, you might want to consider using baskets on your open shelving. It creates a cohesive, clean look and gives all of your items a similar feature so they can relate to each other visually.

We have experienced that some small spaces are lacking in natural light. Go for a giant mirror to help bounce the light around the space. It gives the illusion of there being more space and the added positive effect of more natural light. Just don't place it facing a window, it can cause glare and bounce the light straight back out. Place it on an wall perpendicular to a main window to push the light in. Also, placing it on the same wall as the window works if you need to.

As we said before, remember to GO VERTICAL! Just do it. Make your sport, hobby, or accessories a feature like below.

A great trick we want to share with you to up your Space Optimization Game is to use Clear Furniture. Use clear chairs or tables to let the eye flow through the room uninterrupted. Or, use clear dining chairs to feature your beautiful dining table and give the room a more open feeling.

To optimize your small space you should find ways to unify your shelved items with baskets if you need a cleaner look, use mirrors to move light through the space and give a sense of openness, go vertical with your storage, and use clear furniture to make allow the eye to travel uninterrupted.

Maybe you're already a Small Space Pro and just want a fresh idea or a new solution to take your space to the next level. If so, send us some photos to and book your consultation today.

We can't wait to hear from you!


Kristin & Tanya

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