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This home was plagued with the compartmentalized use of space that was so common when it was built in the 70s.


We were brought in to modernize the space to give it a more open feel and make it universally friendly as the homeowners Age In Place. The lavender walls give this Master Bath a feminine and light feel. The bath only has 3 windows but you would never notice with how the white marble, porcelain, cabinetry, and wainscoting all allow more light to move through the space. We added an arch to the tub room to give the space a more built in and old world look. A large, curved marble countertop is the ideal place to plan your outfit or fold laundry. Instead of installing more cabinetry on the vanity wall, we matched the center cabinets wood stain to an antique vanity furniture piece that the homeowner loved.


All the details and custom designs were intended to cater to an aging friendly space and an old world look.

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