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Boheen & Co. is a Tampa Bay design firm that offers full service Residential Interior Design, Event/Wedding Design, and Retail Services. At Boheen & Co. we celebrate life and all that it has to offer, there is nothing more important than being who you are. We believe that design has the power to transform a space into an environment that brings the best out of our clients. 


A home is a place that is uniquely your own, it reflects your personality and is a space that reminds you of the best things in life. At Boheen & Co, we specialize in listening to your wishes and translating that information into a space that is beyond what you could have imagined.


Boheen & Co was created by Kristin & Tanya with the goal to make design meaningful and attainable. We practice our meaningful design process by using eco-friendly solutions and local sourcing to create your designs. This process trickles down to each product item we provide in our shop. Most items in our shop are attached to values or charities that reflect our wish to provide quality goods to you that are also helpful to charity groups, communities, or the planet.



She has an obsession for creating a well balanced and holistic design for her clients. She was able to dive deep into the psychology of color and space while gaining her BFA in Interior Design and has been creating ever since.


Inspired by her family member's wishes to stay home after a life changing accident, Kristin has spent time in gaining knowledge on Aging-In-Place and Universal Design in her free time in order to help others live at home safely and as independently as possible.

When Kristin isn't nerding out about door swings and how they should be more intuitive... She's at home with her two young sons, her GIANT dog, and loving husband. She enjoys the outdoors, cooking, and painting murals to enrich herself.



When she isn't thinking about design, Tanya spends her time with her husband and 2 beagle pups exploring St.Pete. She loves tending to her herb garden, cooking for her family and friends and being outdoors.  

Tanya's approach on creating an amazing space is to listen to her clients needs and wants and turn those ideas into reality.


Tanya received her bachelors degree from The Art Institute of Tampa and decided to stay and contribute her design talents to the local community. 

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